Tulip Reveals Video For Ghost Of Kyiv

Tulip Reveals Video For “Ghost Of Kyiv”

Tulip, a Texas desert-based symphonic groove metal band, recently debuted a music video for their brand-new single, “Ghost Of Kyiv.”


You may watch the Levine Pictures-directed clip below.

The Ukrainian fighter pilot, celebrated on social media as a war hero, was said to have shot down several Russian aircraft — and has now died. But what’s the truth behind the myth of the “Ghost of Kyiv”

It was a story that gave courage and hope to the people of Ukraine during wartime: The military was putting up a fierce fight against the Russian invasion, and one very exceptional fighter pilot became a folk hero. He was alleged to have single-handedly brought down roughly 40 Russian planes since the invasion began. Videos of the ace pilot began circulating online at the beginning of the war and he quickly made headlines as the “Ghost of Kyiv”.

The story — just like the recent news of the war hero’s death — spread primarily via social media. But news outlets such as the Times in the UK and the New York Post also speculated that the “Ghost of Kyiv” was 29-year-old Stepan Tarabalka.

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